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Finally had my first anxiety free nights sleep
I'm 43 and in no way ashamed to say that this gorgeously soft sloth worked it's slumbering magic. I have GAD and recently I haven't been sleeping well due to chronic anxiety. I came across this wee fellow and honestly, I had the best night's sleep in ages!! I cannot recommend this plushie enough to anyone who suffers from anxiety. The weight is perfect as well as the size and the fur is super soft... literally the PERFECT anxiety plushie. Definitely worth it's weight in gold and long may peaceful nights sleep continue and best of all, it's not another medication! 10000/10!!! Thank you!
Jennifer Russell

Lovely Musical Soother
The LoveHugs Star is a lovely item.
We bought it for our son who struggles to settle at night.
He loves the colours, and the texture.
It helps him calm and unwind from the day.
He can switch it on himself and he likes to lay next to it.
You can also hang it up, which is a great feature.
Would definitely recommend.

FINALLY a weighted plush thats ACTUALLY weighted
My wife has bought a few weighted plushies on amazon previously but unfortunately none of them turned out to be weighted! They were just regular stuffed animals.
So I'm really glad with this purchase. It does exactly what it says, the weight of the soft toy is perfect - not too heavy for my child to lift, but definitely heavy enough for it to be classified as a weighted stuffed animal.
I would recommend this product to others.

This pillow is amazing
My daughter who is 7 is autistic and she loves this pillow, the lights are so bright so glad I bought it. Its actually better than the night light I bought and she loves singing twinkle twinkle little star. Best thing i have ever bought that's sensory for my daughter.

So Happy!
I was to fully expecting to have to send this back. I thought it would be too small or have been little weight to it, but it's absolutely perfect.
I bought this for myself (yes I'm 33 and sleep with a stuffed toy) for my anxiety and to help me sleep and it's just so lovely to snuggle with.
For the price I'm blown away, and will be keeping and cherishing this for a long long time x

A wonderful addition to our calmdown space.
My 9 year old on the spectrum has a keen ear for sounds! He is fixated on various sounds like the "ting" of an elevator, microwave "tings" , a door close sound and many more. Often he will wrap himself into a knot needing to hear a sound again and again and that can go for several minutes. Sometimes, it ends up runing his day. This pillow came in as a wonderful distraction to his impulsive behavior. He instantly took to it because of the soothing lullaby and the lights. He is now able to transition if you play this one and save himself from the rut of repetitive noises to be played(sometimes unaware of what stimulation he is seeking).

So I am pleased that they have made a product considering these children with special needs. I am glad they added a tune and not the song lyrics make it adaptable for a wider cohort(not just the very young children). This pillow satisfies the sensory needs of my child and has been a good addendum to his space. We use it to transition throughout the day and he prefers to have it around during quiet time apart from bedtime. If you have a child with special needs seeking sensory input(lights, sound or texture ) )do give this a try!
Amz SD

Absolutely gorgeous sloth
I recently ordered sleepy the sloth for my son who instantly fell in love with it. The quality of it is exceptional and the weighted filling stays where it should.
It looks so beautiful and the face is super cute. The weight distribution really does mean it feels very cuddly.
My son has enjoyed having him sit with him and sleep with him - he's even put him into various yoga postions, and said ' hey mum look sleepy is doing the plank'😁
After reading the description of the sloth, I thought I would get it to help my son when he's feeling a bit overwhelmed and so far it really has helped - the weight just helps him feel comforted and secure.
I am really pleased with the purchased.
Rajinder Kaur Atwal

Such a good toy/teddy. My son has additional needs, and is obsessed with his star. He has it on every night serveral times as he’s settling for bed. The lights are bright but not to bright which he stims over, the twinkle twinkle little star melody is gentle, and relaxing. The teddy itself is so soft which he likes to rub on his face and cuddle. A 10 out of 10 product!
Natasha Hammond

Perfect for Anxiety
My daughter has really bad anxiety and this sloth has helped her so much! She said it is so calming when she snuggles with her and loves her! She's even dressed her up to keep suzie sloth warm! It is very well made too and hopefully will treasure this sloth for many years to come!

A great comfort toy 👍
The sensory star has been absolute game changer for my sisters daughter. It’s not only helped her sleep routine, but it's her go to teddy when she's feeling anxious and needs calming down. I would definitely recommend this product. Thanks!

Absolutely gorgeous!!
This gorgeous cuddly sloth is so soft and cute!! The quality is excellent and the weight is just right. I'm an adult with ADHD and I bought this cutie for me. Just looking at the smiling face calms me down and I can feel my anxiety fading when I stroke the soft fur or have a hug! Thank you for all the hard work and love you put into creating this!
Ms. C. D. Holland

You need him!
I recently got my hands on a stress relief sloth, and let me tell you, this little guy is a lifesaver! Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I just give him a squeeze or a hug and imagine I'm channeling the chill vibes of a real sloth. And the best part is, he's so cute and squishy that I can't help but smile every time I look at him. It's like having a fuzzy friend to help me through my toughest moments.
Honestly, I don't know how I ever managed my stress without my sloth. He's become my go-to tool for relaxation and mindfulness, and I've even started taking him with me on long car rides and flights to help me stay calm. I highly recommend this stress relief sloth to anyone who needs a little more zen in their life – just be prepared to never want to let him go and be judged as the crazy lady with the teddy bear!
Mrs T