About Us

lovehugs therapeutic soft toys

LoveHugs is a UK company dedicated to producing therapeutic sensory soft toys.

We produce a range of products, from weighted stuffed animals, to sensory soft toys.

Our therapeutic weighted stuffed animals specially designed to hug you back. Due their unique weight distribution, they harness the power of weighted pressure to help reduce stress and anxiety, provide a calming presence, and help with sleep.

And our sensory star musical light up teddy is designed to provide a sensory experience to soothe and calm your child. It's ideal for children with sleep issues, ADHD and autism.

Our mission is help both children and adults become calmer, happier and more confident through our range of products.

All LoveHugs products fully comply with all safety regulations including US ASTM F963-17, CPSIA and European standards.

Company Head Office:
Progression Ventures Group Ltd
6 Weston Avenue
Company Reg Number: 14154984